Taking the Chance to Talk to College Students

Team members recently had the opportunity to attend the LSU Career Fair. We wanted to share what an exciting time it is to come and work with Invictus Daly Consulting and meet potential applicants in person. Our firm is growing, so we’re looking for new talent with energy, positive attitudes, and fresh ideas to join our team.

During the fair, select team members from Invictus Daly Consulting had a chance to network with college students who are preparing to graduate and looking for internships or the beginnings of their careers. We hope not only to find someone who is interested in the innovation of marketing, but also someone who is creative and ready to work hard to make their career a reality.

One of the biggest perks we offer to our team members who are right out of college is our training program. We help all new hires develop the skills they need to succeed at their new roles. In addition, our training program also ensures that they have the basic business skills they need to further grow their careers. We teach networking, communication, public speaking, and more to help everyone on our team find their career paths and excel.

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