Achieve Early and Long-Term Career Success

We welcome many college students to the Invictus Daly Consulting internship program, and lots of recent graduates onto our team. Along the way, they learn how to position themselves for lasting professional success. Here are some of the lessons they learn.

If they aren’t already aware of the networking platform, we introduce our newest colleagues to LinkedIn. It’s a great tool not only for connecting with high-level people, but also for showcasing their talents and building their own presence. Other social media outlets (especially Twitter) are important to use as well, but none are as focused on career excellence as LinkedIn.

Young professionals can also prepare for lasting success by expanding on unique skills. With their own distinct areas of expertise, they make themselves more valuable in the workplace. Companies (including Invictus Daly Consulting) benefit from talents such as graphic design, data mining, coding, and more.

Students and recent grads are often quite tech-savvy. They know all about cloud technology. Nonetheless, we remind them to back up their documents in the cloud. It’s rather secure, and it can be accessed from anywhere. There’s no need to worry about corrupted, lost, or stolen drives. Dropbox and Google Drive are both easy-to-use options.

These techniques help driven people pave the way to bright futures in the workplace. Like Invictus Daly Consulting on [Facebook] to learn more about how we prepare students and recent grads for lasting professional success.