PRESS RELEASE: Invictus Daly Consulting Team Takes Part in Exciting Travel

METAIRIE, LA – Invictus Daly Consulting team members have an exciting travel opportunity, which is to attend a quarterly networking conference in Dallas, Texas and gain not only contacts, but also professional development.

Select individuals from the Invictus Daly Consulting team have been chosen thanks to their excellent performance, positive attitudes, and commitment to self-improvement, to attend the quarterly industry networking conference in Dallas, Texas. “This is an exciting travel opportunity for our team members,” shared Cara, the President of Invictus Daly Consulting. “They’ve worked hard for the chance and their rewards will not only be the time out of the office and traveling to Dallas, but also the chance to really improve themselves and their careers.”

“Each team member who attends will work with industry leaders and top performers from across the nation to get some hands-on training,” continued Cara. “Having someone sit down with you and work face-to-face on the skills you need can really result in major improvements on everything from communication skills to leadership ability. The team members who attend these events always benefit tremendously and bring back so much good insight to the office to share with the rest of the team.”

Invictus Daly Consulting Team Also Gains Networking While Traveling

In addition to training, team members who travel to the Dallas conference have the opportunity to hear motivational speakers on many different topics and get a chance to meet other professionals in the industry. “Networking is one of the most important aspects of the conference for the Invictus Daly Consulting team members who attend,” shared Cara. “The contacts they meet will provide them with the bases of their professional networks in our industry. These are people they will see again at regional events, rest and relaxation retreats, and more.”

“Industry contacts form a peer group that will cheer you on, give you advice, open doors, and in some cases, be your mentors as you continue to grow in the field,” continued Cara. “While we encourage our team to have mentors in our office and build their networks locally, anyone who is serious about growing their careers in our industry needs a strong set of connections. We’ve taught our team members the basics of networking, and this is a great opportunity for them to put those skills to use. I can’t wait to see what they learn, hear about the people they meet, and watch them share that knowledge with the rest of the team.”

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