How to Give the Best Presentations Ever

Public speaking is part of professional life. Whether you must speak to a handful of trusted colleagues or an auditorium full of strangers, you’ll likely be called upon to give presentations throughout your career. With the right strategy and delivery, you will make a positive impact. Try some of the techniques we learn through the Invictus Daly Consulting training regimen:

• Tell a Story: It’s crucial for your speech to be factual and informative, and your audience is best able to retain what they hear if it’s shared in the form of a story. A strong narrative will add meaning to the subject matter, and it will make you more authentic.

• Stick to Three Main Points: We always remember the power of three when presenting on behalf of Invictus Daly Consulting. The brain simply isn’t programmed to remember extensive amounts of information, so hone your speech to cover three primary takeaways. You’ll keep your listeners engaged and enhance your impact as a result.

• Use Body Language Carefully: You communicate just as much with your body language as you do with your words – perhaps even more so. Use your hands to make gestures as you speak (but not to fidget), make consistent eye contact, stand tall, and smile warmly.

These techniques will help you present with confidence and poise. Follow Invictus Daly Consulting on [Twitter] for more of our presentation strategies.