How to Effectively Follow Up After a Networking Event

Every Invictus Daly Consulting team member learns how to network effectively while at our company. We consider it to be one of the most important abilities any professional can learn. A key element of the process is the follow up. In many ways, this step is the difference between keeping busy networking and generating real impact.

We often find that email is the best way to follow up; however, these guidelines can work for any method of correspondence. No matter what medium you select, reach out within a week of meeting the person. A week after the event is the sweet spot in which you’ll be remembered but also reach the person after he or she has settled back into the office.

Personalized messages are absolute musts for our Invictus Daly Consulting team. It is easy to send a form email to everyone you meet. However, for the maximum impact, mention a few specific elements of your conversation at the event. Consider taking a few notes after networking so you can remember some specifics for your follow-up.

Set up the next steps for your relationship in your message. This may be as simple as seeing them at future events you will be attending. It could also be to form a business partnership. Regardless, be clear about your intentions.

These guidelines will help you follow up after networking. Follow Invictus Daly Consulting on Twitterto learn more.