Dreux’s Star Is on the Rise

We take special care when interviewing potential team members to only on-board those with the right attitude and ambition level to succeed with our firm. As such, we are often impressed by each other’s results, and we spend a lot of time recognizing our colleagues’ Invictus Daly Consulting achievements. This month, we’d like to give Dreux some special attention for the way he handled a new campaign.

“Dreux’s recent performance has been outstanding,” stated Cara, Invictus Daly Consulting’s President. “He just spearheaded an on-site sales promotion with a brand we recently added to our portfolio after only four or five days of training, and already his numbers are higher than any of our competitors. With that kind of drive and attention to detail I’m certain that Dreux has a very bright future with our company.”

When Dreux’s isn’t wowing us with his talent, he’s busy creating art. He’s also very active as a volunteer at his church, and is just a generally all-around pleasant person. He’s the perfect example of why hiring for cultural fit, not just skill set or experience, is the right approach. Dreux’s values are aligned with our company’s and his pleasant demeanor makes him a welcome addition to our crew. Everything else he needed to know was made available to him through our comprehensive training system.

Dreux’s career is certain to accelerate after this successful display of business savvy. To see more of our talented team members in action, follow Invictus Daly Consulting on Facebook.