Character Traits of the Most Effective Leaders

While we encourage our managers to develop their own unique leadership styles, there are certain characteristics that we find all effective frontrunners possess. These are a few of the Invictus Daly Consulting traits we recommend:

” Passion: The most effective decision-makers are passionate about overcoming obstacles and finding solutions. It is often this energy that the members of their teams find compelling. There’s a saying that goes, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care,” and that gets at the heart of why being emotionally invested in our work is so important.

” Courage: Often, the tasks we’re afraid of tackling or the risks that are just a bit out of our comfort zones are exactly what we need to do to move our careers to the next levels. By making an Invictus Daly Consulting habit of doing things that challenge us, we learn to face our fears and act anyway.

” Generosity: To be a successful frontrunner, simply look for ways to help someone who is open to the idea of being helped. Seek to inspire and add value to another’s life, and you will be fulfilling the basic function of a leader.

Leaders come in all personality types, yet there are certain traits that the most effective decision-makers all possess. To find out more about leadership characteristics, follow Invictus Daly Consulting on Twitter.